I have lived in Escondido since 1973 and District 1 for over 30 years. I know the concerns and issues and have worked and will continue to work with you on your neighborhoods to accomplish our goals. You will have a strong voice on the council.


Ed Gallo speaking at the Asian Heritage Coalition Annual Meeting

Goals for District 1:

1. Public Safety: Priority number one to create a more safe neighborhood for you and your children with more graffiti and gang control staffing.

2. Neighborhood Improvement: More work on street repairs, potholes, code enforcement, and park maintenance.

3. Job Creation: This is a citywide effort to attract businesses who will pay higher wages for you and your working age children.

4. Fiscal Management: It is important to maintain a balanced budget and also build our reserve funds (savings account) which allows the city to save taxpayer’s money.

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