Rapid Bus Service Gets Grand Opening In Escondido

By Tom Fudge | On-Ramp

SAN DIEGO — Transit planners cut a red ribbon today to open San Diego County’s first fully developed rapid bus line. The grand opening of North County bus route #350 attracted a cluster of VIPs that included the Mayor of Escondido and the Chairman of the San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG). They told reporters and other hangers-on that this was a bus line like no other in the region.

You can take a look at route 350 by clicking this link. It connects the Escondido Transit Center, Westfield shopping mall and points in-between. The route leaves the transit center on a dedicated lane. Digital displays at bus shelters tell commuters when the bus will arrive. The rapid-bus system uses technology that gives the bus priority at traffic signals. …read more…


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